Family Letter

April 22, 2006

Our Dearest Ashley,

Since the day you were born, you blessed us with your beauty (inside and out), graceful style, charm, elegance, and a loving, caring spirit. You are a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and friend to many.

You had followed a passion which burned deeply within you. To travel abroad, to learn and understand customs, traditions, religions, and lifestyles of others. You had reached a realization - indeed, an enlightenment, you dedicated yourself to helping others in need.

In your own words you said, "...with my whole heart and soul, I need to dedicate my life to helping others see the potential in themselves, so that gradually they will start engraining good karma into their lives, minds, and hearts and things will progressively get better." These words reflect your kindheartedness and good will toward mankind. You truly were on a mission in life to help others, for which we applaud you.

Ashley, we will always cherish the years spent with you, and will always embrace memories of your fun-loving jovial nature and selflessness. You were gentle and tender toward everyone you knew and compassionate for those who suffered.

In honor and memory of you, Ashley, we place your remains here with other family members who have gone before you.

We know you believed strongly in reincarnation. As Sister Rita assured us - you are today a goddess, or at least an angel in heaven.

For 21 years, you danced your dance with us all. In that regard, you were truly amazing. God Bless You, Ashley. May you rest in peace, and may your soul, spirit and mind evolve to everlasting tranquility and joy. With love always, your family.