Ashley’s Foundation first began in 2006 as a way of honoring the life of Ashley Soulé Conroy and as a way for Ashley’s family and friends to heal in the wake of her passing. With a love of travel being one of Ashley’s central tenants, they set out to create a small foundation in her memory to support students in their study abroad journey. Something they hoped could perhaps someday offer financial assistance to a few deserving university students who dreamt of studying in the same far flung corners of the globe that Ashley herself had once dreamed of visiting someday. With the help of thousands of private donors from around the world, whose contributions both large and small sent our scholarship recipients on to learn in places near and far, what began as a humble family run foundation has since became so much more.

We invite you to help continue the journeys of so many deserving students, and of Ashley’s memory, by becoming a donor.

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Their wings already exist. Together we can show them how to fly.