Project Description

London, England

Since I was 12 years old, I have dreamed about studying theatre in London. This award not only allowed me to fully immerse myself in a program that has left an everlasting impact on me, it also allowed me to meet some of my closest friends. We worked with actors and directors currently working in London theatres, we saw live theatre at least once a week, and I was blessed with the opportunity to perform in a London theatre myself. I lived in that astounding city for nearly four months and while there, I grew into myself. I’ve become more outspoken, stable, independent and above all else, more confident in myself than I ever thought imaginable. Coming back to the states, I’ve realized that there is no second option for me; theatre is my passion and my calling. I have always lived with the goal of inspiring others to follow their dreams, and I am so happy to say that this foundation allowed me to do just that for myself. Thank you so much for allowing me to pursue my dreams! Please stay in touch. Cheers!

— Alexis Agolsove | University of Southern California

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves. In finding themselves.”

– Andre Gide