Project Description

Kyoto, Japan

I cannot put into words my appreciation for your generosity & goodwill in transforming a tragic incident within your lives into benefiting a person such as myself. I am sure that Ashley would have been proud of having had people in her life that can accomplish all the good deeds that have been put forth in this Foundation. In my eyes, the Japan program was the perfect one for me since I achieved a heightened sense of cultural exchange with native people of Japan through conversing & living with a total of 26 tutors (6 new ones each week with 2 head tutors who stayed the whole 4 weeks). They were all Japanese University students in & out of the dorms. Professor Fujimoto, a renouned faculty member of UC Davis led an interactive & progressive class on contemporary Japanese society where our grades were based on field assignments (of our choice, which I chose Filipina hostesses) presentations on daily readings, a daily journal, & class field trips (also our own choices, I chose immigrants, women, & Buraky-Japanese minorities) Through this experience, I’ve made life long friends, & have learned a great deal about myself as well as the world around me. This trip has certainly influenced my goals in life & the career path I would like to establish. I would definitely like to try living abroad sometime in my life. I am going to look into studying international community development with graduate school. Thank you again for supporting me in this life changing experience.

— Jocelyn Aquino | University of California, Davis

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves. In finding themselves.”

– Andre Gide